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Annually Required Forms/Documents

Annual Laboratory Hazard Registration Form

Chemical Hygiene Plan Update Form

Biological Safety Forms

Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) Protocol Submission Form

* Hepatitis B Vaccination Acceptance or Declination Form

* NOTE: Prior to submitting this completed form, make two copies. Submit the original to Occupational Health. Place one copy in the laboratory file and retain one copy for yourself.

Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training Declination

Lab-Specific Training: Biological Safety

Chemical Safety Forms

Chemical Safety Review (CSR) Form


Lab-Specific Training: Chemical Safety

Standard Operating Procedures Forms

Standard Operating Procedure - Record of Training Form

Controlled Substances Forms

Controlled Substances Disposal Form


Controlled Substance Inventory Form


Controlled Substance Requistion Form

General Safety Forms

Eyewash Inspection Form


Certificate of Decontamination [Used for equipment involved in relocation, move, maintenance or repair]

Laboratory Relocation/Move Guidelines & Forms

Relocation/Decommissioning Policy and Guidelines (with Appendices)


Appendix A: Notification


Appendix B: Lab Relocation Form


Appendix C: Training Certification


Appendix D: Pick up Requests for Chemicals


Appendix E: Equipment Inventory


Appendix F: Decontamination Form


Laser Safety

Laser Registration Form

Minors and Visiting Students

Minors and Visiting Students Registration Form

Minor Student Parental Consent Form

Chemical Lab-Specific Training Form

Biological Lab-Specific Training Form

Minors and Visiting Students Package

Radiation Safety

Authorized User Training Record


Radioactive Waste - Disposal to the RSOs


Radioactive Waste - Laboratory Storage


Radioactive Waste Transfer Form


Radioactive Waste Transfer Form - Example



Georgetown University




Laser Safety

Lesson Learned


Radiation Safety

Safety Policies

Training Schedules


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