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George J. Viksnins
Professor of Economics

Upon teaching his final summer course on comparative economic systems, Professor George J. Viksnins ("Uncle George") was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for about 30 years of service to the Fund for American Studies. The presentation in August 2007 was made by Randall Teague (right), Board Chairman, and Roger Ream (left), Fund President.

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    Biographical Sketch:
    Ph.D., Economics, Georgetown University

    George J. Viksnins is Professor of Economics at Georgetown University, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1964. From 1976 to 1981, Dr. Viksnins was a Director of the FMI Financial Corporation. He has served as a consultant to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, The World Bank,  the Agency for International Development, and the International Monetary Fund.  Dr. Viksnins has authored numerous articles and books, including The Economies of Southeast Asia in 1980 (G.U. Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1975), Financial Deepening in the ASEAN Countries (University of Hawaii Press, 1980), and Financing East Asia's Success (with Michael Skully, Macmillan in association with the American Enterprise Institute, 1987). He is currently a senior advisor to the Bank of Latvia. His latest publication is Economic Systems in Historical Perspective(Kendall/Hunt Publ. Co., 1997).

    George J. Viksnins was honored with the Walter Judd Freedom Award in July 2002 by the Fund for American Studies.  Other recipients of this honor include President Reagan, Jack Kemp and Jeane Kilpatrick.  In May 2004 he was awarded the Order of the Three Stars by the President of Lativa, Varra Vike-Freiberga.

    Photo of Prof. Viksnins and Dr. Arthur B. Laffer at the 1997 annual conference of the Association for Private Enterprise Education. 

    Photo of "Uncle George" at "Uncle Joe's" birthplace

    Photo of Prof. Viksnins as a "flower child" (circa 1980).

    Recent Research Papers:

    Since 1992, I have spent most of my time on economic questions involving Latvia, especially in the area of monetary policy. Much of this written material is in Latvian (only a couple in English). 

    "The East Asian Model and the Baltic States."

    "Baltic Monetary  Regimes in the XXIst Century"

    Reaganomics After Twenty Years

    The Baltics in World Statistics

    I'll be happy to send you copies of my working papers and published articles. Contact me


    Courses Taught at Georgetown:

  • Econ-002: Principles of Economics (Macro)
  • Econ-257: Comparative Economic Systems
  • Econ-371: Economic Development: Less-developed Countries 
  • Econ-415: Seminar on the Economies of Pacific Asia
  • Econ-571: Economics of Development




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