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Archives and Libraries 

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Archives Nationales

Archives Départmentales, Municipales, Territoriales

Service d'Archives (Hours, Annual Schedules, Addresses, Phone and Fax Numbers)

Bibliothèques Départmentales, Municipales, Universités (FYI France; addresses, phone and fax numbers
            for hundreds of French libraries)

French Institutes and Research Centers  (Contact information and links)
Library of Congress

Folger Library, Washington

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Electronic Texts
(Note: See "Medieval to Modern History" below for specialized e-texts)
BNF Gallica Electronic Texts (2 million text pages, 10,000 images from the BN, medieval-modern)

Athena Electronic Texts (2,000 French texts, mostly early modern-modern)
The Eurodocs Project (60 document collections, many translated into English, medieval-modern, BYU)
Oxford Text Archive (2,500 texts, English and some French, medieval-modern, Oxford University)

Britannica Internet Links to French History (~100 links, medieval-modern, including e-text links)

Medieval and Classical Library (Hundred of texts, UC Berkeley)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Hundreds of primary and secondary texts, Fordham University)

The Labyrinth, Resources for Medieval Studies (Medieval texts, images, and links, Georgetown University)

Medieval/Old French Texts (ARTFL Project, University of Chicago)

Enlightenment and French Revolution Texts (ARTFL Project, University of Chicago)

Clandestine Texts from the Eighteenth Century (15 texts,University of Turin)

Internet Modern History Sourcebook (Thousands of full-texts and excerpts for Western Civ, early modern-modern, Fordham University)

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Museums, Exhibitions and Multimedia
Museums, France:
The Louvre

Musée d'Orsay

Chateau de Versaillles

Reunion des Musées Nationaux (Links to or information on all regional and Parisian museums)

WebMuseum Paris  (Images and text for thousands of paintings )

Museums, Elsewhere:
The Metropolitan Museum, New York

The National Gallery of Art, Washington

The Tate Gallery, London

The Bodleian Library, Oxford

J. Paul Getty Museum

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Exhibitions and Images
Creating French Culture: Library of Congress/BN Exhibition

Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Age of Charles V (1,000 illuminated manuscripts from the BN)

BNF Gallica Images (10,000 images from the BNF, medieval-modern)

Modern History Image Bank (Hundreds of West. Civ. images, many French; early modern-19th c, CUNY Brooklyn)

World Art Treasures (2,200 French architectural and art images)

Ministry of Culture, France (Links to Temporary French Exhibitions with images)

University of Chicago/ARTFL Project (Mostly 18th-century images and maps)

Music and Films from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook (Music, Reformation-Modern; Films, Modern; some require RealAudio/RealVideo or equivalent software to play; Fordham University)
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Maps and Cartography
Odden's Maps and Atlases (6,500 internet map links; ancient-modern)

PCL Historical Map Collection (35 European maps, middle ages-19th century)
Early Map Collection, Institute of Historical Research (Gateway to internet map and cartography sites)

Mapping Early Modern Worlds (Folger Library Exhibit)

Library of Congress Digital Maps, 1544-1996

Paris Maps, 18th-19th c.

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Medieval to Modern French History
Gateway Sites
(Note: The number of French history sites is now so extensive that this list focuses on
gateway sites, which provide multiple links.  Individual sites are only listed if they do not
appear in any of the gateway sites)
Center for History and the New Media, Index of History Websites (Searchable index of 1,500 history sites, approx. 25 French links, medieval-modern, George Mason University)

H-Net France (85+ sites, medieval-modern)

Britannica Internet Links to French History (~100 links, medieval-modern, including e-text links, Encycl. Brittanica)

The History Index (16 French links, medieval-modern, U. of Kansas)

History Links on the Web (20 French medieval links, CSS Jounal)

The Labyrinth, Resources for Medieval Studies (20 French links, medieval texts and images, Georgetown University)

French History on the Web (23 links, medieval-19th century, U. of Colorado)

French Revolution Links (20 links, 18th c., U. of Portsmouth)


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French Bookstores and Multimedia Sources
Alibris Books (Out-of-print and rare)

Bibliofind (9 million rare and used)

Blackwell's (UK) (New books)

Boutique de l'Histoire (New and used)

Chapitre (Includes rare and used)

Electronic Directory of International Used Booksellers

Films for the Humanities (Films and CD-Roms on France; rental or purchase)

FNAC, France (New books)

Furet du Nord  (New books)

Librarie Alapage (New books)

Tricolor Books (Rare and used)

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Professional Resources
Directories of History Departments, French Universities and Annuaires
History Departments Around the World

Directory of French Universities (H-France)

French Telephone Directory

Professional Associations, Conferences and Granting Agencies

H-France (H-Net and National Endowment for the Humanities)

Society for French Historical Studies 2000

National Endowment for the Humanities

American Historical Association

American Association of University Professors

Embassy of France, Washington, D.C. (Visa and Cultural Information)

Society for Eighteenth-Century French Studies

Stanford Seminar on Enlightenment and Revolution (SER)
International Medieval Institute

Career Information
H-Net Job Guide

Chronicle of Higher Education, History Career Network

History Career Information
Faculty Web Sites and Syllabi
George Mason University
Georgetown University (Early Modern France, Western Civ; Zoe Schneider)

University of Nevada-Las Vegas (French Revolution; Greg Brown)

Select Bibliography for French History, 1500-Present (Yale University Library)

Early Modern French Sources in Translation (David Bell and Jeffrey Merrick)

French Revolution Bibliography (University of Warwick, UK)

French News and Information

French Newspapers, Radio Stations and Television (123 links to both national and local media)

French Radio in Real Time (25 radio stations; requires RealAudio to listen)

Miscellaneous Sites

Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities

Western European Specialists Section, French Studies Web

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E-Mail Directory, French Historians

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