English 733

Nathaniel Rivers

    401 New North
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There are four assignments in this course. The first three papers - each to be written on one 8.5x14 sheet of paper (legal size) - synthesize readings that fall within a particular cycle. Students should address as many of the readings as possible (rather than simply doing a close reading of one text): connections are key. I expect that composing and fitting this synthesis onto on sheet of legal-sized paper will be difficult. These papers are then shared with the class on "paper day." That is, students read aloud their papers. I cannot stress enough the performative nature of this assignment: papers should be written to be read aloud and to engage other students. Rather than simply demonstrating mastery of the material, these papers should perform the course readings in ways that make them salient for an audience of peers. There is also regular online discussion throughout the semester. The final project is an extended exploration of one of the topics covered during the course. The value of each assignment is as follows:

Paper One 20%
Paper Two 20%
Paper Three 20%
Final Paper 20%
Online/In-Class Participation 20%


As a graduate level seminar driven by student discussion, attendance and participation in all facets of the course is essential. Given the vital importance of student participation, I expect every student to attend every class. If an absence is unavoidable, students are asked to discuss it with me beforehand so that alternative arrangements can be made.